Friday Finds: Best of 2021

“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

These last two weeks of the year will be a bit of a review with this week’s “Best Of” edition and another year in review type next week. I hope 2021 has been happy and successful for you and the ones you care about. Merry everything and happy always!


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Most Clicked Newsletter Items of 2021

In every newsletter I include the link from the previous edition that was clicked the most. Today I’ve collected them all into a “Best of 2021” edition. There were a few that were clicked the most 2 weeks in a row and one that reigned for 3 consecutive weeks. I hope you enjoy this look back at the most clicked links in 2021.

*** I’ve indicated some of my personal favorites as well.

5 Behavioral Biases That Trip Up Remote Managers

Animation in eLearning: PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Five of the best workplace learning theories 

Pre-Recorded Videos Prove More Effective for Student Learning Than In-Person Instruction

*** 3-to-1 Model for Learning

Five of the best workplace learning theories

Pre-Recorded Videos Prove More Effective for Student Learning Than In-Person Instruction

How to Use Plain Language Guidelines to Improve Learning Outcomes 

Introducing “Interteaching” (Works Online Too!) 

The 10 Essential Strategies for Deeper Learning 

3 Questions Answered by an L&D Giant: Julie Dirksen 

Principles for Remote Instruction 

Alternatives to Correct and Incorrect Feedback 

16 Reasons Why People Don’t Share Their Knowledge— And What to Do About It 

The Nuts & Bolts of Instructional Design: A Beginner’s Toolkit 

Interactive Periodic Table of Amazing Learning Experiences

The Biggest Myth in Education-Learning Styles 

Evidence-Based Perspectives on Hot L &D Topics 

How to Design an Online Course with a 96% Completion Rate 

The Dangers of Virtual Workshops (And the Framework That Makes Them Exceptional) 

Making Learning Objectives Explicit

*** The Learning Tech Landscape 

*** How automation can streamline the role of L &D professionals 

*** The Ultimate Guide to Giving Virtual Presentations on Zoom 

100 New Tech Tools & Tips 

Everything You Need to Know to Create Quizzes With Microsoft Forms 

Most Online Courses Are a Waste of Your Time — Here’s How You Know 

*** The Better Deck Deck 

Animation in eLearning: PowerPoint Tips and Tricks 

Rockstar Resources for PowerPoint 

Bright Carbon’s PowerPoint Holiday Cards 

BrightCarbon’s Color Tool for PowerPoint 

Creating Paragraph Styles in PowerPoint 

How to Write Bullet Points People Actually Want to Read 

Top Free Design Resources 

How can you find time to design? 

5 Ways to Create Visual Hierarchy 

Asynchronous Design Critique: Getting Feedback 

*** What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says 

5 Behavioral Biases That Trip Up Remote Managers

Remedies for the Distracted Mind 

Difficult Conversation Simulator 

Top 3 Ways to Discover Inspiring Content 

Fixing the Overload Problem at Work 

Feeling Busy & Distracted? It’s Not Your Fault 

The Day You Became A Better Writer 

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