Rave Reviews

This is a sample of the feedback I’ve received from clients, audiences, colleagues, etc:

Learning, design, & technology curation

I can vouch for your newsletter! I enjoy it each and every time it shows up in my inbox. You curate some of the most useful things! I’ve got a special subfolder just for your stuff my friend. It’s a great library to refer back to from time to time.

“Great stuff–wow!”

“YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! THANK YOU SO MUCH!  – you can move mountains!!!”

Practical, easy to follow blog articles:

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate the format that you present these bits of information to us. They are small enough to be remembered and large enough to have good content.  Keep up the good work!”

Passionate about helping others

“It got right to what I needed help with and wanted to learn. Thank you!”

Real World E-learning Courses

“Great course, easy to understand and follow. Good job!”

“I found this to be the BEST training we have ever had…Keep up the good work!

“I’ve been through so many plant safety meetings over the years on this subject and must say that this presentation is hands down the most well put together and presented info I’ve ever been through. I would highly recommend this video and quiz to other plants in various industries across the U.S. There is info in this that I was not aware of or told about in the past especially the medical and recovery after a fall. Job well done.”
“Considering the topic of Bloodborne Pathogens can only be so exciting, the course material was presented well, and the content very informational.”
This a great course. The more we can learn and share, the more efficient and effective we are, while also finding better and more creative ways to communicate, collaborate and research for timely information. Thanks!
Very clear and concise presentation. I really learned some things that will help me to be safe at the plant.
“Great job, very informative and good use of visuals to demonstrate proper equipment and procedures.”


Public Speaking & Workshops

Creating E-learning Like a Pro

Creating E-learning Like a Pro


Your slides and presentation were aces. Very enjoyable. You’re a very engaging and polished presenter.

Speaker was fantastic; wish he had more time

Great book recommendations and practical advice.

…there were definitely items that I have taken away that will benefit us.

The speaker was great and very knowledgeable about the topic. He gave out multiple resources and I loved that.

ATD Kentuckiana Annual Day of Learning Conference – October 2015

Build Your Professional Portfolio: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Build Your E-learning Portfolio: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Very good tools to reference. Extremely helpful.

Awesome presenter!! Great content!!!

A ton of good information!

Didn’t know exactly what this would be about but so glad I came! Excellent info & examples!

An abundance of immediately useful information.

ATD TechKnowledge – January 2015, ATD Central Indiana Learning Clinic

Assuring Your Performance Support Initiatives Aren’t Getting Lost in Translation

IGNITE! Selling Performance Support to Stakeholders Across the Enterprise

Assuring That Your Performance Support Initiatives Aren’t Getting Lost in Translation

Excellent session! Validating & wonderful conversation!

Loved the use of polling to get audience involvement. Great engagement!

Good resources, recommendations, and tips to employ in conversations with executives.

Performance Support Symposium 2012

Getting BETTER Results by Doing LESS Training

“Great session! Too short”

“Both very enthusiastic and practical.”

“Excellent presentation! Would like to see expanded versions of workshops on this topic.”

“Great session!! Very informative presentation. Loved the text polling.”

“…scenarios were uber-helpful”

“Excellent! Great speaker with awesome knowledge!”

Learning Solutions Conference 2012

Principles of Learning Design

“Mike , yet again I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.  I agree with one of the individuals that said you would need about 6 more of these.. only I am thinking double that LOL.. I love how these seminars are taught and I wish we could do them longer.. I was shocked on fast the time goes by.”

“I’m looking forward to the rest of this series, and hope you expand it. This works so much better for me. I can pick up some tips, put them to work, and then come back to learn more.”


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