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I love talking shop and I’m energized by sharing things I’ve found that can benefit others. I’ve listed my upcoming events schedule below and I’d love to invite you to them. If your organization or event needs a keynote or workshop that is highly interactive and super practical we should talk.

Event planners and conference organizers can download a copy of my speaking and workshop information sheet.

Please feel free to contact me about anything learning related, and I’ll happily dive into the conversation. If you’re interested in having me lead a workshop or speak at your event, I’d love to hear about that too.

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Upcoming Speaking Events

Past Speaking Events


Lectora Users Conference

A Few Things L&D Should Steal From Marketing

Art & Science of E-learning

Learning Solutions

You Already Know How to Build mLearning
(You Just Don’t Know It)


Online Learning Conference

A Few Things L&D Should Steal From Marketing

Central Indiana ATD Learning Clinics

Build a Powerful Professional Portfolio.
It’s WAY easier than you think!

Greater Twin Cities ATD – Webinar

You Already Know How to Build mLearning
(You Just Don’t Know It)

Hilti (Private Internal L&D Conference)

You Already Know How to Build mLearning
(You Just Don’t Know It)

Nationwide Learning Council Internal L&D Webinar

FocusOn Learning Conference
The Secret to Better Performance? Less Training

“Fabulous session. So much useful peer to peer discussion”

“This was one of the best sessions I’ve attended today.”

“Great session! Really like real world examples. I am amazed at how easily I can figure out how to adapt some of these methods to my world”

FocusOn Learning Conference
You Already Know How to Build mLearning (You Just Don’t Know It)

“Please make sure Mike comes to every conference. So much great, relevant information! ”

“AWESOME! Need an all day session with Mike!!!!!”

“Saved the best for the last day”

“Probably the best session I went to! Great tips and practical examples!”

“Very informative and practical. Great materials and instructions.”


AIG (Private Internal L&D Workshop)

ATD Kentuckiana Day of Learning
Creating E-learning Like a Pro

ATD TechKnowledge Conference
Build an eLearning Portfolio – It’s Easier Than You Think

Central Indiana ATD
Build an eLearning Portfolio – It’s Easier Than You Think


Deloitte (Private Internal L&D Workshop)

Northwestern Mutual (Private Internal L&D Workshop)

Workshops, Presentations & Other Talks

You Already Know How to Build mLearning (You Just Don’t Know It)

Mobile learning is rapidly becoming a must-have for organizations big and small. For most designers, getting started is a huge hurdle they have yet to overcome. Considering all the new technology, platforms, authoring tools, and skills required to make it all work can paralyze even the best learning pros.

In this session, you’ll learn how quick and easy it can be to build mobile learning with skills and tools that you already have. If you have PowerPoint (yes, PowerPoint), you have everything you need to create visually appealing, interactive, and dynamic mobile learning solutions. Additionally, you will learn how to create mobile-friendly videos and interactive eBooks.

3 Ways to Design Better Learning

This presentation gives you the foundation for building great multimedia learning materials by introducing some of Richard Mayer’s proven design principles. Understanding how people learn, enables you to move beyond the typical ‘information dump’ approach to crafting truly effective learning experiences that are ‘made to stick’!


See the slides and learn more about this session. »

Creating E-learning Like a Pro

Building engaging and visually cohesive e-learning doesn’t have to be scary. Whether you’re reviving lifeless PowerPoints or building courses from scratch, starting with a solid foundation gives you the control and flexibility to build good courses. Creating effective, great looking e-learning is easier than you think.


See the slides and learn more about this session. »

Build Your Elearning Portfolio: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Standard resumes and cover letters are no longer sufficient if you want to stand out from the crowd. Having a good portfolio has always been important for freelancers, but it’s quickly becoming a must-have for anyone in e-learning who hopes to snag the best opportunities that come along, inside your organization or out. Having a portfolio is a great way to showcase your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and personality.  Creating a great looking e-learning portfolio is easier than you think. With more options than ever before, anyone can build an e-learning portfolio that looks like a million bucks.


See the slides and learn more about this session. »

Getting BETTER Results by Doing LESS Training

Stakeholders often come to us asking for courses, but the courses are either overkill or aren’t what is needed. And sometimes they do need “courses,” but only to check off a box. But in either case, developing courses ties up resources (including learners’ time) that they could use for better purposes. When we are asked to build courses, we have a responsibility to challenge and validate that creating a course is the most effective and efficient approach.


See the slides and learn more about this session. »

Assuring That Your Performance Support Initiatives Aren’t Getting “Lost in Translation”

How can you ensure that the organization sees you as a valued contributor? The best way is for you to understand and support it in reaching its goals. Performance support is one of the few organizational processes with an opportunity to align individual performance with the strategic goals of the business. How do you align with and successfully translate these goals into the actions necessary to meet them? Presented at Performance Support Symposium 2012


See the slides and learn more about this session. »

The Art & Science of Presentations

View the slides | Get the handout

Dr. Seuss On Performance Support

One of the biggest challenges of implementing a performance support (PS) initiative is simply getting support from your enterprise and stakeholders. As part of the Elearning Guild’s Performance Support Symposium,  I was one of six learning leaders who asked to share their insights on how to sell PS to the enterprise … in SIX minutes. This is my response in a fun, fast, and informative format!

See the slides and learn more about this session. »


Not only did Cate Taylor slash her grocery budget by 60 percent when she lost her job in 2009, she’s managed to sustain her saving streak for over two years! This local mom will discuss the best places to find coupons and deals and ways to stay organized. She’ll also provide insights into how to bring it all together to maximize savings.

Check out this deck which has over 25,000 Slideshare views.

View the slides  | Get the handout


  1. Hello, does Mike Taylor have an email address? And are there videos available of him leading courses? He might be a good fit for our annual Presentation Summit but I do not find any conventional way to reach him. I hope this works… 🙂

    Rick Altman


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