Visual Resume Template


Download this PowerPoint template


Storyline, the latest authoring tool from Articulate, enables some powerful new features including multiple format publishing, increased interactivity, screen recording and more. Here is an example storyline template I’ve created to share some of the items from my portfolio along with my contact and social media information.

Storyline Template & Examples

View Published Output

 Download a copy of the Storyline 1source file

Storyline Scrolling Panel

Scrolling panels are a great way to fit over sized content onto a slide. This example includes a scrollable map along with a few other types of slide objects with triggers to display various slide layers. It’s so cool, you can put just about anything in these!


View Demo | Source file

Industrial Flip Card

This is an adaptation of  Tom Kuhlmann’s Flip Card template.  If you haven’t tapped into the Articulate community you’ve definitely been missing out! I loved the original version but needed something with a more industrial feel to it. So with a little reformatting and a new background I think it turned out pretty good. | Download a copy

Displaying Documents

This is a design ideas for when you want to reference a document in your presentation or course. Initiailly this was shared in response to a conversation in the Articulate Elearning Heroes community. |  Download a copy

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