KM/ Enterprise 2.0

I think this is EXACTLY why we should get over our fears of having no control over tools such as wikis and blogs. Very well said!

This is from a recap of an eLearning Guild session by Angela White:

“The idea of collaboration and using tools like Wikis to contain community-generated content means moving away from this old idea of a single owner. That’s going to be a tough one… Another argument the resisters cry is “But what if bad information gets out there?” Well, Kevin had a great point. The “bad” information is already out there – it’s over the phone, near the water cooler, buried in personal email. If that content was put out on a collective space like a Wiki it could be seen by the community and corrected. In a way, there’s more “control” in that. Another concern management has about these tools is that it will encourage people to waste time. Well, again, if they are going to waste time – they are going to waste time. Tools don’t waste time, people do. I’m going to adopt some of these ideas and add them to my elevator conversations.”