Are you getting ANY feedback?

One of the drums I continuously beat is that anything you publish, e-learning course, job aid,  training manual, ANYTHING should include some form of communication channel back to you.  I really believe if you’re going to create stuff you should put your name on it. Most of the time I do that with an eye on giving people on the other end a means to tell you what needs fixed and to have a means to ask questions.  For our courses we use include a link to a simple Survey Gizmo form, which has been working very well.   (It is also a relatively “frictionless” way too, but that is for another post.)

One thing I was pleasantly reminded of today was that this also allows for a little positive reinforcement too.  It’s was very nice to see this in my inbox this morning:

“This was well put together and vividly informative.”

Vividly informative! Yes, that sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Makes me forget all about the bad traffic I was in getting here today.   How are you enabling your audience to give you their feedback?

We’re using James Kingsley’s excellent Linky tab solution to add the survey link to the Articulate attachments bar and have it open in a new window.

Linky Text in one of our courses

And here is the form we provide from all of our courses:

When I have a little more time to expand on it, I hope to share some cool things you can do with Survey Gizmo.


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