Friday Finds — Marketing Skills, NFL Instructional Designers, Just Enough

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“The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.”

Chinese proverb

Happy Friday! Today I’m very grateful to be feeling much better after last week’s bout with COVID. We were all fortunate that it came and went pretty quickly and everyone seems to have bounced back rather well. Now let’s hope we can ride that new found immunity for a long time.

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Last week’s most clicked item: customizable icons & illustrations

Will Instructional Designers Become The Latest NFL Craze?

NFL teams are always searching for an edge. Though they appear to be quite late to this education innovation. Hopefully if the Denver Broncos go on a winning binge, we’ll see ID job posting throughout the NFL and maybe even other pro sports.


Why you should learn to market stuff (including yourself)

A good, fun reminder that even if you’re not a marketer, it is important for you to have marketing skills. 


CompTIA Workforce & Learning Trends 2022

CompTIA’s recent Learning Trends report says “Everyone’s looking for the unicorn. The ask really has not changed significantly over the years. They want agile learners. They want critical thinkers. And they want experience in the technology du jour. But there is more openness to signals of someone’s willingness to learn new technologies and then to support that with L&D.”


The Swedish philosophy of lagom: how “just enough” is all you need

Lagom is the modern, Swedish twist on an ancient idea. It means “just enough,” and it involves finding contentment in satisfaction. It’s an idea that might change how you see your life.


We Need to Talk About How Good AI Is Getting

A lot of noteworthy progress has happened lately in the field of AI and we should be paying attention. This article gives a good overview of where things stand — one of the main things to consider – that we are very bad at grasping exponential change.

New York Times




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