Another Top 10…Most wanted online course features

Based on Brandon Hall research the most common requirements when selecting an authoring toll are:

1.    Novice friendly, yet still has underlying extensibility for complex interaction types.
2.    No plug-in required (with the exception of Flash output).
3.    Adherence to SCORM specification and AICC standards. (The real need is full interoperability with many LMS solutions.)
4.    Short learning curve for new content developers.
5.    Extensive library of very interactive question types (beyond multiple choice and true/false).
6.    Robust testing engine (with features such as randomization, drawing from a test item pool, etc.).
7.    Rich media support.
8.    Ability to repurpose content quickly from other sources, such as PowerPoint, Word, and specialty authoring tools (i.e., simulation tools).
9.    Minimal time spent creating navigational control structures (i.e., navigation buttons, menus, etc.).
10.    Low cost (for stand-alone authoring tools).

This sounds like an excellent list. Is there anything missing?

I’m a big fan of the combination of PowerPoint which meets the low cost, easy to use and Articulate which I think meets all the rest of those criteria.  What are you using and how does it compare to this list? I’d love to know.

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