Chrome/Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

I just discovered this trick. Soooo handy! So simple and quick.
( Ctrl+3 takes you to the 3rd tab, etc.)

ctrl+1 through ctrl+8 Switch to the tab at the specified position number. The number you press represents the position of the tab on the tab strip.

Keybard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Published by Mike Taylor

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One thought on “Chrome/Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Thanks Mike – I’m a keyboard addict, so those are great. (My teenage kids just laugh at me!)

    I use Firefox, and I know you can use Ctrl+Tab to CYCLE through the tabs, too. (Add Shift as well to “cycle backwards”.) Ctrl+PageUp/Down also work.

    Another shortcut I use all the time is F11 to go full-screen, hiding the toolbar until you mouse-over the top of the screen. Press F11 again to return to normal. (That works in IE too.)

    Lastly, Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- zoom in and out. Much quicker than using the menus if the content’s too big or small. (Ctrl+0 returns to 100%.)

    Anyway, I hope those are helpful. Thanks for starting the ball rolling!


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