Getting BETTER Results by Doing LESS Training

In thinking about my conversation coming up later today (6/27 11am Eastern/8am  Pacific) on elearn chat with Rick & Coline , I keep coming back to this idea that we really need to have a holistic view of what were doing. In short, we are NOT in the ‘course creation’ business. To truly be a valuable contributor to our organizations we should be focus on performance. With that lens we would see courses, and other types of training, as only one of the options to help improve performance.

When we consider all of the factors that impact performance, training can only a successfully applied to a small portion. Stepping back to consider the alignment of the other factors can prevent us from working on courses that are doomed to fail from the start.

Patti Shank and I touched on those other factors and why some alternatives, rather than training are often a better approach. Also in the context of today’s environment, these other options are often much more efficient that courses anyway. In fact, 100% of the responses to our poll question agreed that they need to consider new/different solutions that are more efficient.

Session Description: Stakeholders often come to us asking for courses, but the courses are either overkill or aren’t what is needed. And sometimes they do need “courses,” but only to check off a box. But in either case, developing courses ties up resources (including learners’ time) that they could use for better purposes. When we are asked to build courses, we have a responsibility to challenge and validate that creating a course is the most effective and efficient approach. | Presented at Learning Solutions 2012 with Patti Shank | Wednesday, March 21, 2012 02:30 PM |  Session #303

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