Ethos3 recently posted a ‘How to’ on how they made their cut out images in Photoshop for their fabulous “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify” deck. I saw a question asking if this could be done using ONLY PowerPoint and the answer is yes and it’s super simple.

Here is one way it can be done:

1. Remove the background First we need to remove the background. (Format  » Remove Background)
Take a look at David Anderson’s screencast on how to use PowerPoint’s Remove Background tool.

2. Use the Freeform shape tool to draw a shape around the outside of your image. David covered this in his screencast too.

3. For the crumpled paper effect copy the freeform shape and fill it with a crumpled paper image. (Format Shape » Fill » Picture or Texture Fill)

4. Increase the transparency setting high enough that your image shows through the shape you just filled.

If you like you can grab a copy of my file to play with and see how it works. No Photoshop required!