BlogBooker Converts Your Blog Into a PDF Book

Blogbooker is a handy online tool that enables you to generate a PDF document from all your blog’s entries and comments. It works for any blog running on WordPress, LiveJournal (and derivatives) or Blogger.  The process is pretty simple and only takes about 3-4 minutes, depending on the size of your blog.

  1. Use your blog’s export function to generate the file you will use to upload to Blog Booker.
  2. Upload the file generated in step 1 to Blog Booker
  3. Download the resulting PDF document.

In testing this out using my WordPress tip of the week blog and it worked pretty well. It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough for what I wanted to do. You can have a look at my PDF results and see for yourself.

I’m sure with a little know how and elbow grease you could get this into a Word format or whatever else you might want to do with it.


Published by Mike Taylor

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10 thoughts on “BlogBooker Converts Your Blog Into a PDF Book

      1. Thanks for your reply. I tried it on my old laptop (XP and IE browser); my brother tried it on his old Mac; and, my sister-in-law tried it on her new Mac. We get messages like “Website unavailable.” This is very strange. Any ideas? I wrote them at but no answer. Hmmm… Do you know a better email address for them? Thanks!


      2. Finally got it to work. My brother showed me how to defeat the normal internet DNS system and forced the computer to use an IP address for blogbooker – he sniffed out of an old RBL (real time black list, basically spam blocking at a server level) service.


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