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While I am not one of them, some people prefer to get news and updates via email instead of checking blogs or using an RSS reader.

If you have any sources that you’d like to get in your email instead of your RSS/Feed reader, one easy way to make that happen is by setting up a “recipe” using

Note for blog/site owners:
If you have your own site and you’d like to make this easy for your readers, check our Mail Chimp’s RSS-to-Email feature. This is a great way to publish your content once and send it to your email subscribers automaticaly. Mail Chimp even handles the subscribe/unsubscribe work for you.


How to set it up:

1. Create a free IFTTT account

2. Click the Create option at the top of the page

3. Click the blue THIS link



4. Click the Feed icon.


5. Click New Feed Item



6. Enter the Feed URL and click the Create Trigger button. (You can find this on the site you want to subscribe to. )



7. Click the blue that link



8. Click the Email icon.



9. Click Send me an email.



10. Click the Create Action button.



11. Click the Create Recipe button and you’re all set. Now you’ll automatically get updates via email.




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