New Skills All L&D Pros Should Have

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I just read Shannon Tipton’s post on “10 Ways to Take Your Corporate University Out of Snoozeville ” and  she dropped this list 10 things every L&D person should know how to do in at the end. While these might not be the first ten things you should know I totally agree that these types of skills have become part of the fundamental skill set, and not just for L&D folks, but a lot of others too.

Shannon’s list is a pretty good start. What else would you add? What are your thoughts about the importance of these skills for people in L&D?

  1. Blog
  2. Use Dropbox or Evernote
  3. Develop and sustain a PLN
  4. Curate and share information
  5. Send large files
  6. Use a hashtag
  7. Manage your online brand
  8. Know the variety of different delivery mechanisms
  9. Trouble shoot technology
  10. Subscribe to and manage: Slideshare, YouTube, or other dynamic digital media

If you’re interested in a great way to learn about these types of skills and connect with other like-minded L&D people. I’m running a free, 12 week program called Learn Camp starting June 30. It is a self-guided learning program that introduces these types of  web 2.0 and ‘social’ topics in a learning & development context with a series of short and sweet weekly activities. The best part will be the webinars we have lined up to go along with it by some great leaders who are implementing these ideas in their organizations including Mark Britz, Allison Michels and JD Dillon

Interested? Learn more about it or click here to register for the Learn Camp program.

Anyone is welcome to participate and who knows maybe Shannon will even join us! 😎

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Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.

3 thoughts on “New Skills All L&D Pros Should Have

  1. Hi Mike – Thanks for the nod. To me the list of 10 was a gateway, you know these things and inherently you build a deeper knowledge about others. To that point, I have signed up for your 12 week course. You always have the most amazing tips!


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