Keep Up With Your Twitter Lists (and a whole lot more) in Flipboad

You know about Flipboard right? The super visual, great looking way to keep up on all the things you love and discover other new sources of news and learning? (If not, get over there now and check it out! )  Their iPad app is how I usually browser my Flipboard magazines, but you can call get them on the web at

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what Flipboard does and why you should care? Flipboard aggregates news, images, video, social networking updates, and more in a slick, print style design that gives you an experience similar to having your own personalized magazine rack including your favorite blogs, news, Twitter accounts, etc.

In a nutshell, it’s a visual way of flipping through content from a variety of sources.

One of my favorite tricks for using Flipboard is to create a “magazine” out of a Twitter list.

Add your Twitter list to Flipboard, and it will pull out all the great content and links that get shared through the list. Here is what my PowerPoint list from Twitter looks like:

Web version: 


iPad version:


A few other things you might want to plug into and follow via Flipboard include:

Here’s how to add Twitter lists to Flipboard and a few other relevant tutorials.

You can also curate your own content into a custom magazine of your own. Check out what JD Dillon has created and follow his magazine here.

Get started by signing up at and be sure to give the Flipboard app a test drive.

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