Friday 5: Curation, Visual Inspiration, Presentation Book, Animated Online Videos & Windows Shortcuts

Thanks for stopping by. Here are the top 5 things I’m noodling on this week. I share a whole lot more things like this on Twitter and save the better ones over in Diigo.

Feedly Share Collections

Feedly introduced a new feature called “Shared Collections” (paid pro feature) that lets you choose to share what you read with your teammates, colleagues, and followings. This is a great way to curate top content and position yourself as a knowledgeable leader in your field. 

“With Shared Collections, you can take the collections of reading sources you’ve already created—or create a new collection for the purpose of sharing—and make them public on one shared collections page dedicated just for you or your team. This Shared Collection page will showcase all of the blogs, publications, YouTube feeds, and Google News Alerts you want to showcase and make it easy for other people to follow the same sources with just a click.”

Visual Style Inspiration by Connie Malamed

If you weren’t able to make to Las Vegas for #DevLearn this week, you can still learn from Connie Malamed’s [ @elearningcoach ] session on “Visual Inspiration for eLearning & Slides”

Presentation Genius by Simon Raybould

This hit my radar and it is going straight to the top of my reading list. It looks like a great resource for anyone who does any presenting. Check out the website and definitely be sure to plug-in to Simon via Twitter @presentations

You should also tap into his free “60 Tips in 30 Days” program.

Make Better Presentations

Wideo: Animated Video Tool

This online app for creating animated videos is like Powtoon and other similar tools. There are a number of good templates to get you started on the free plan. This is great for explainer videos, marketing, learning and a whole lot more.  I made this one in about 3 minutes:


Super Useful Windows Key Shortcuts You Don’t Know…But Should!

I’ll bet you’ll find a few new shortcuts that you’ll start using everyday in this super useful list of Windows key shortcuts. (Sorry Mac people!)

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