I just got back from a workshop where this came in SUPER handy. Especially when you are crunched for time and trying to hit a deadline this is a great trick to have up your sleeve.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Have you ever built a slide with multiple images that were all different shapes and sizes? If so, you might have done a lot more manual effort than you needed to. This great tip will have you done with that job quicker than you can say SmartArt.

I’ve never been a very big fan of the SmartArt feature, but with tricks as good as this one I may be warming up to the idea!

Let’s start with a typical scenario where you’ve got a slide that you want to have multiple images from a variety of sources. Initially they come in all shapes and sizes but you want something much more uniform.


You could spend a bunch of time manually sizing and placing them all but you are smarter than that and know that there must be a more efficient way right? Yes, there is! SmartArt to the rescue.

How To Automatcally Size &…

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