12 Apps of Christmas-Day 10- Lastpass Password Manager

Day 1 – Hemmingway App (Writing help)
Day 2 – PollEverywhere (PowerPoint audience participation add-in)
Day 3 – The Great Suspender (Memory Manager – Chrome add-in)
Day 4 – Grammarly (Writing -Chrome add-in)
Day 5 – Dropbox for Gmail (Chrome add-in)
Day 6-  Canva (online graphics tool)
Day 7 –  Google Drive for Office  (Office add-in)
Day 8 –  Power User (PowerPoint add-in)
Day 9 –  PowerPoint Labs (PowerPoint add-in)

These days, everyone over the age of about six has a bazillion username and passwords to  keep track of. If you haven’t found a good solution for managing all your account this app is for you. (Your  password solution probably isn’t as good as you think!)

LastPass is great password manager that I’ve been using for several years now. According to Steve Gibson of Security Now, it just may be “the best solution possible” for passwords. You can visit the LastPass site to see a list of features. Like other password managers,  LastPass puts all of your individual passwords behind one master password. By supplying your master password, LastPass can then automatically log you into any web site you visit once you’ve saved your login credentials.

In Sync & Accessible Anywhere:
LastPass synchs passwords over the internet, so all your saved passwords on your laptop computer, for example, will always be synched up on your home desktop computer or even that shiny new iPad you just got for Christmas.(Mobile use comes with $1/month paid option)

LastPass only stores encrypted data, and the key to that data stays on your computer (or, In your head if you’re not logged in.) LastPass can even do things like auto-generate a strong, secure password for you when you’re creating a new site login (Don’t forget all you need to remember is your master LastPass login). With a premium account for $1/month you can also do things like use LastPass on your mobile phone. (If you’re storing your passwords in a Google Doc, they’re not secure.)

It Just Works
If you’re already using something else, LastPass even supports importing passwords from KeePass, and other password manager programs.

How to you keep track of your passwords? Sticky notes, spreadsheet or something else? I’d bet a lot of money that this is a better system than what 99% of us are currently doing.

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