12 Apps of Christmas-Day 12 -Chrome Remote Access

Day 1 – Hemmingway App (Writing app)
Day 2 – PollEverywhere (PowerPoint audience participation add-in)
Day 3 – The Great Suspender (Memory Manager – Chrome add-in)
Day 4 – Grammarly (Writing -Chrome add-in)
Day 5 – Dropbox for Gmail (Chrome add-in)
Day 6-  Canva (online graphics tool)
Day 7-  Google Drive for MS Office (Office add-in)
Day 8-  Power User (add-in for PowerPoint)
Day 9-  PowerPoint Labs (add-in for PowerPoint)
Day 10 –  Lastpass (Password manager)
Day 11 – Feedly (News Feed reader app)

These days, there are tons of options like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for keeping your files available not matter where you are. But  you still might need to access your desktop at home from work sometimes. Or more likely, connect to someone else’s computer to help them fix it! (Hi dad!)

I’ve tried several options for doing this and Google’s Remote Desktop browser extension for Chrome is the best for me.  It is free and super-simple to use.

Here’s how it works:


You’ll need  the Chrome browser and Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed on all PCs that you plan to access, or access another PC from.

Once the extension is installed, click on the Apps button on Chrome’s bookmarks bar. Then select Chrome Remote Desktop in the tab that opens.

authorize chrome remote desktop

Note that you’ll be asked to give the extension “extended access permissions” to your PC by clicking Continue  to associate with Chrome Remote Desktop the first time you run it. This lets you sign in to Chrome on any PC and be able to access your list of PCs.

You should see two options: Connect to a computer to offer remote assistance or access your own computers. Tap the Get started button under “My Computers.”

chrome remote desktop start

Since this is the first time using the service, you’ll see an Enable remote connections button. This is required if you plan on accessing the PC remotely. Tap the button and you’ll be asked to create a PIN to associate with the PC. After a few seconds you will also be asked to enter that PIN a second time in a new window. All the PCs that use Chrome Remote Desktop require a PIN to prevent unauthorized access.

After that’s done you are all set-up and ready to access your PC remotely.

Accessing Other PCs

chrome remote desktop pin

Let’s say you’re on a laptop and you want to access your desktop at home, with the Chrome Remote Desktop extension already installed and set-up on both.

Just pop open the extension and click on your home PC from the list of computers in the remote access list, then enter the home PC’s PIN in the pop-up window that appears.  Bing, bang, zoom! Now you’re operating your home computer from afar. How cool is that?!


It will even show multiple monitors on your remote computer. 

Heads Up

You also have to be sure that your PC power settings aren’t set to put your PC to sleep when idle, since Google’s browser extension can’t wake and access a sleeping PC.

Go get the Chrome Remote Access extension

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