TAKE AWAY: Creating Your Own Personalized Information Feed

In my previous post, I talked about using a Feed Reader as a better way to do the work of keeping up and engaging with the best and latest advances in your field. I’m also sharing this within our org and have put together this one page handout to accompany it.


You can grab a copy of “Keeping Up In a Busy World” here.

What do you use to keep up everything you’re interested in?

This week we’re going to look at “Read It Later” apps and I will share the take away for that one soon.


Published by Mike Taylor

Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.

3 thoughts on “TAKE AWAY: Creating Your Own Personalized Information Feed

  1. I love Feedly. I curate a newsletter in my office, and I use Feedly to collect a huge number of news sources, sorted by type (news, blogs, etc.). I only have to go to one place to get material for the newsletter. Can’t say that I read everything through, but just skimming the headlines helps me see what’s being talked about.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t read everything either and tend to skim titles until I see something of interest and then dive into those. I’m curious…what format do you use to distribute your newsletter and what type of stuff do you include in it?


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