One of my favorite things about the training and speaking I do is all the great stuff I learn from the audience. There is nothing better than when people ask great questions prompting new thoughts and ideas or share new things.  I truly believe that if you’re looking, you can find great ideas almost anywhere.

As part of the Elearning Guild’s recent Boosting Your Design Skills Spotlight online event, I shared my favorite places to find free design assets. You can browse the slides and grab a copy of the handout over here.

As always, the audience contributed a bunch of nice design resources during the session. Now that I’ve had a chance to go back and review the session, I’ve gathered all the additional resources that were shared via comments during the session.

Here they are. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who shared!

Michelle Bonkosky: For those of us that are doing a lot of science and lab ID, check out:

Jerry Dugan: Lots of military and history pics

Nicole Dettmar: Also great scientific photos

Kevin Thorn

Joseph Vajda, Jr

Valerie Weagle: good tool for coming up with color pallettes:

Shannon Resendez:

Jill Lopez

How about you? Do you have any you’d like to share?