Friday Finds | August 4, 2017

While summer is winding down and school is right around the corner here, there is no sign of slowing in the world of learning, technology, and social media. Here are some of the things that caught my eye this week.

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Searching Google Drive


If Google is a search company, why is it so so hard to find things in Google Drive? Or am I the only one who finds it unintuitive? If you’d like to find stuff faster in Google Drive Amit Agarwal has you covered in his post “How to Search Google Drive Like a Pro

Real Content for Your Designs


Sometimes Lorem Ipsum just doesn’t cut it. There are times when you’re designing before you have the actual content that you need for the final version. If that involves any kind of data, you’ll love this site that generates “real” data for you to work with.  Whatever you need from names and addresses to ID numbers and much, much more you’ll find it here.

A couple of other similar options worth checking out include:

Mockaroo: This one lets you generate up to 1000 rows of realistic data. Just choose the type of data you want and download your data.


Generate Data: Similar to Mockaroo, this one lets you pick the type of data and how many records you want to download.


Myers Briggs

Despite its mainstream popularity, the Myers-Brigg personality types are as scientific as a childish parlor game.

Quick & Easy Software Demos

If you ever need to do any how to training that involves software, you’ll definitely want to know this trick for creating quick and easy software demonstrations.  All it takes is a couple of standard screenshots, a mouse cursor and some creative animation.

Check out how easy this is to do and download my demo file.

Don’t wait a whole week to see all the good stuff I’m finding.
Subscribe to my daily newsletter. 


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