Friday Finds | February 23, 2018

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The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.  – Bertrand Russell

Around here we are getting close to the time of year when we sometimes get all four seasons in the same day. Shorts and t-shirt in the morning lead to a parka and mukluks by evening and vice versa. Good thing we can consistently count on all the great stuff being shared in the learning, design, and technology space by so many smart people.


10 Reasons to Modernize Workplace Learning

Jane Hart (@c4lpt) talks about how the current training model isn’t able to keep pace with the speed of business and the continuous nature of change. In contemplating what changes to make, she lists 10 current issues and some brief points about how to deal with them.

Designing for Human Memory

In this Chief Learning Officer article, Nick Van Dam (@nickvandam) talks about how if you look at studies on happiness, there are three things that make people happy: continuing to grow in their lives, having social relationships & having meaning and purpose in one’s life. …learning plays a role in all of that.

When Do Novices Become Experts?

It’s a fairly well-established principle of cognitive science that experts and novices think differently. Being aware of these differences can make a big difference to teachers, trainers and learning professionals. In this article, David Didau (@DavidDidau) shares a nice summary of some of the main differences between experts and novices.

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design:
Improving your designs with tactics instead of talent.

Every one inevitably finds themselves in situations where they need to make visual design decisions – many times every day, whether they realize it or not. In this helpful article, Adam Wathan (@adamwathan) & Steve Schoger (@steveschoger)share some great tips anyone can start using right away. Even if you do nothing else, think about how you can use them to craft better emails and help your readers “get it” quicker and easier.

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Don’t You Think It Is Time to Retire Those Old Paper Business Cards?

Time to retire your paper business cards Haystack app

DevLearn Proposals Now Open

If you’re thinking about speaking at DevLearn (and you should be) the Elearning Guild is now accepting submissions. I’m working on mine! Mark your calendar – they’re due by Friday, March 9, 2018.

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