Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | October 12, 2018

Doom is inevitable. Gloom is optional. Gloom has no positive effects on ameliorating doom. Doom happens. Gloom is a choice. -Seth Godin

We’re bundling up around here in our favorite sweatshirts and settling in for a lovely fall Friday. Regardless of what season you’re heading into, here are some of this week’s best from the learning, design, and technology world.

Want to thrive in the future of work? Practice scientific thinking

Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo) tells us that the skills and habits that scientists use to break down problems are becoming more crucial in the wider workforce.

Take Control of Your Learning at Work

When we can all retrieve the same information, the key differentiator is not access to data, but the ability to make use of it; the capacity to translate the available information into useful knowledge. Ironically, a surplus of information can create a poverty of knowledge. It requires curiosity and a hungry mind to resist digital distractions and have the necessary discipline to learn. Check out what else Tomas Chamorro-Remuzic (@drtcp) has to say in this HBR article.

Cognitive Coaching: Six mindset shifts trainers should make

Most trainers and coaches mean well. It’s just that they hold mistaken beliefs about cognitive skills and too many rely on instructional techniques that can actually get in the way of successful performance and the development of expertise. Gary Klein’s essay how to get people up to speed more quickly so that they think more clearly and show more mental agility.

These are the 5 “super skills” you need for jobs of the future

This is a pretty good list of valuable skills by Stephanie Vozza (@stephanievozza) that you probably didn’t learn in college. Have you spent any time thinking about your personal brand lately?

Tips and Tools for Creating an eLearning Portfolio

You never know when you might need to show a professional portfolio. I recently talked with Connie Malamed (@elearningcoach) about options for creating your online portfolio. We walked through some great options no matter what you’re experience level or technical skills may be. Check the show notes for the links and let me know if you have any questions!

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Conference News

Design Resources

  • DB Freebies – this site rounds up all the great design freebies from Behance and Dribble

Apps & Tools

  • Vectary – this is a super cool online 3D design tool
  • Kanban Mail – A Kanban system for helping you keep your email organized


What I’m listening too

  • I love how music apps like Spotify and Google music can help me discover great music like Ehrling which is striking the right note for me this morning.

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