Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | October 26, 2018

If we stop going, we stop learning…and if we’re not willing to keep learning, we should probably stop going. – Seth Godin

Whew! What a week it has been. DevLearn is wrapping up this morning and I’m very grateful for all the great conversations with old friends and meeting some wonderful new ones. I’m looking forward to some reflection time and the chance to dig deeper into all resources and new things I discovered this week….right after a goods nights sleep. Wherever you are I hope you have a great and restful weekend. Cheers!

Is PowerPoint the Ultimate Design Tool?

Yes, I’m serious. So is Tom Howell who runs an agency in Australia. Take a look at some of the reasons and a few examples that just might change your mind. PowerPoint isn’t the issue – it is what people do with it.

DevLearn Resources

Even if you weren’t able to be here, you can still tap into a wealth of knowledge and resources. Cruise everything on the DevLearn resources page.

Lapa Learn

At some point, everyone can use a helpful design tip or trick. Next time you’re in that situation cruise over to Lapa Learn. They’ve got a nice collection of resources for you to learn a wide variety of design topics from UI/UX to icons, typography and more.

Wired Not Tired: Is Curation the Cure for What Ails You?

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Conference News

  • Dip your toes into the #DevLearn pool. Even if you can’t be there, you can still get lots of good stuff from the backchannel
  • The world’s biggest gathering of HR types, Unleash 18, went down in Amsterdam earlier this week. Check #unleash18 .
  • Looking for your next conference? I’ve added some new events recently to my global collection of L&D events.

Design Resources

  • Files.Design – Professional resources for digital designers including templates, sounds and other files made by Great Simple Studio.

Apps & Tools


  • Serial – One of the DevLearn keynotes was by the producer of this uber-popular podcast.

What I’m listening too

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