Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | October 11, 2019

Learning, design & technology Mike Taylor

“If you haven’t learned how to learn, you’ll have a hard time. Knowing how to learn is partly curiosity. But it’s also a discipline.” – Peter Drucker

The nice, cool fall weather has been here this week and I’m loving it. I’m looking forward to all the festivities at DevLearn in a couple of weeks. Will you be there? If so, let me know I’d love to say hello in person.

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Created for PC users by PowerPoint experts at BrightCarbon, the BrightSlide add-in will help you create, polish, and edit presentations at speed. Grab this fantastic add-in for free to update slides in seconds, tidy up your tables, make rapid shape adjustments and more! My favorite is the live spacing typography options. If you ever work in PowerPoint you should have this!


Your L&D Organization as a Competitive Advantage

Check out Karl Kapp’s (@karlkapp) newest LinkedIn Learning course where he covers how to communicate the value of a strong L&D department, assess the maturity of your program and align your learning goals with business strategy. If you don’t have LinkedIn Learning access, check your local library – they might be able to hook you up for free!

Welcome to L&D may I take your order?

Mike Bedford tells us we need to be bold, front up, challenge and ask why we’re doing what we’re been asked to do, is it the best solution, is it even needed, what is the real issue? Do you agree?

CMX and Chill: Over 60 Talks from CMX Summit

The community industry’s largest conference brought together the best and the brightest to learn how companies are investing in meaningful, scalable community programs. Dive in to learn how organizations are building communities, that impact the lives of their members while driving their business goals.

Over 60 Talks from CMX Summit 2019 Are Now Available!

Competing on the Rate of Learning

This article from Boston Consulting Group talks about how a third-generation learning organization is a “human + machine” machine, in which artificial and human intelligence are focused on their respective advantages. In other words, take advantage of what machines can do so humans can focus on what humans do best.

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Tools & Resources

Conference Roundup

The conference season is heating up. Check out the upcoming schedule.

Check out the upcoming conference action and please let me know if you see any I´ve missed.

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