Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 27, 2019

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“There is so much we do not know. Let us embrace, together, our humility — our willingness to admit what we have yet to discover. “ – Pater Salovey

Well, here we are heading towards the end of another decade. It is just like any other day, yet when you mention the word decade it feels more serious and heavy. I hope you’re enjoying a lovely holiday season that is light, happy and filled with people you love. See you next time in the third decade of the 21st century. (Shouldn’t we have flying cars by now or something like that?) Have a very Happy New Year!

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What I’m Listening to: I love new takes on songs remade in a different genre than the original. today I’m really enjoying these hits remade into a nice chilled playlist great for working along to on a quiet Friday.

Last week’s most clicked item:
30 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know PowerPoint Can Do


How to take an evidence-informed approach to learning design: Driving impact informed by science

As learning professionals, we have a responsibility to truly support learners to do their jobs better and to enable them to be ready for the future. Yet, we often make decisions based on beliefs, preferences, and opinions when we design learning interventions. Learn from Mirjam Neelen (@mirjamn) how to take an evidence-informed approach to learning design.


Futility and Error in Learning Industry Awards

Will Thalheimer (@willworklearn) examines industry award processes to determine their strengths and weaknesses and to ascertain how helpful or harmful they are currently, and suggest improvements if any can be recommended.


Neuroscience and Marketing: How People Make Decisions

Here is another thing we can steal from our marketing friends. Check this out for some insights into how the brain makes decisions that compel people to take action from Tracy Trost on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. If we understand how our audience’s brains work, we can be better at what we do.

Neuroscience and Marketing: How People Make Decisions


10 Tips for a Results-driven L&D Strategy

Eva Adam (@evadam90) on what it takes to implement a results-driven learning and development strategy. My favorite is “Choose Curiosity Over Tradition”. What is yours?



Andrew Watson (@andrewwatsonttb) reminds us that in the world of cognitive science, “learning styles” is right up there with “flat earth.” Hopefully, you already know this. If we’re going to persuade people to give up this false belief, we should probably have a good understanding of their actual beliefs about learning styles.

Understanding (False) Learning Styles Beliefs


Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Tools & Resources

  • [tools] Dropbox Transfer lets you SEND large files to anyone securely and confirm delivery
  • [tools] Woven – Powerful scheduling tools built into a smart, collaborative calendar
  • [tools] Descript – Edit audio by editing text. Drag and drop to add music and sound effects.
  • [tools] – Record your screen right from the browser. No installation required.
  • [tools] – Add links to a list and share it with one simple URL
  • [tools] NiftyPM – A central hub to help manage project tasks, timelines, and workloads.
  • [tools] Reader Mode – Remove clutter and ads from any article with this Chrome add-in
  • [media] Mixit – Completely free HD video & graphics for you to use anywhere

Conferences & Learning Events

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