Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | March 27, 2020

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In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists. – Eric Hoffer


As we are adjusting to our “new normal” we are all experiencing new emotions. With everyone at home full-time now empathy and kindness are very important. Importantly, we have to remember to extend those same courtesys to ourselves. So when you feel like there are too many things via for your attention and you’re not getting enough done remember that there is research suggesting that in an eight-hour day, the average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes. So instead of the time you used to spend commuting and in meetings, you’re now having breakfast with your family or walking the dog or whatever else. And that is OK, don’t fret about being “on” for work eight solid hours – you never did that while you were in the office so don’t make that your standard now.

What I’m Listening to: I was not expecting to like “The Masked Singer” but have been surprised how good it actually is. Whether you like the show (or even if you have no idea what I’m talking about) the music is always a good, fun, uplifting listen.

Last week’s most clicked item:
Creating an Online Community, Class or Conference – Quick Tech Guide

Should We Offer Tutorials For Using Our eLearning? Probably Not

I’ve always said if your course needs instructions you’re doing something wrong. Now Patti Shank is telling us why that is not such a great idea and what to do instead. In short, make it easy to use and skip the instructions!

Email: The Overlooked Digital (and Virtual) Learning Platform

Sarah Mercier reminds us that email courses are one of the most successfully applied strategies marketers use to educate and engage potential customers today. Why not steal a page from the marketer’s playbook and see how you can use email as a part of your L&D strategy?

Your Colleagues Don’t Read Anything You Write. Here Are 8 Ways to Change That

Long emails and dense, difficult to decipher memos mean modern office communication goes ignored more often than it’s understood. We all know it is true. Here are 8 easy things you can do to get your writing read.

Use Visual Cues To Enhance Learning

Here is another great and helpful article from Connie Malamed on how to use visual cues to improve your learning outcomes. Directing the eyes to the important message is one of the essential techniques of learning design. It helps to ensure that people understand the intended message and it adds efficiency to the visual communication.

Free Expert PowerPoint Consultation

I’m not sure how long this offer will be around, but if you are looking for some help polishing your slide deck @powerpoint has an offer you can’t refuse: Free live design consultation from an expert. Up to 20 slides. Delivered in 3 hours.

If you do this, please let me know. I’m super curious about your experience with it.

Where you can find me:

  • I had a great, fun conversation with Danny Seals on his MindChimp Podcast. He’s got lots of great conversations stacked up over there and its a good one to add to your podcast app.

A few other things just because I can.

Tools & Resources

  • [design] 24Slides is offering FREE graphic design help for any Corona Virus-related educational projects
  • [online learning] Strigo Classroom is a new (to me) online learning platform.
  • [community] Mighty Networks has a nice looking site building tool with a community feature built-in. I’m excited to give this a try!
  • [community] Corona Virus & Learning Project is an open project started by Elliot Masie connecting L&D pros with each other in a free online community. (It is using the Might Networks platform mentioned above if you want to check that out.)
  • [learning app] Arun Pradhan is giving away free access to the Learn2Learn app
  • [podcast] The Learning Hack is a new (to me) L&D podcast with John Helmer
  • [design] Design Cap is another nice, easy-to-use graphic design tool.
  • http://books Audible has made hundreds of audio book available for free. No credit card required. (I think I’ll try Sherlock Holmes)

Conferences & Learning Events

  • Speak Aid 2020 is 50 Keynotes from 50 Great Speakers | Free virtual conference – Topics range from leadership, marketing, innovation, communication, trust, change, resilience, growth and more!

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