Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | April 3, 2020


 “Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.”

Dennis Waitley

It is interesting all the “new” things I’ve been noticing lately. Funny how being forced to slow down and stay close to home brings a fresh perspective on so many things that you’ve overlooked for so long. There are some silver linings like long after dinner walks with family that are at least some small light in what is looking like a generally dark stretch ahead. Thanks for reading.

Be well and stay safe! 

What I’m Listening To:  Back to an old favorite this morning, with this Ehrling playlist. Just the right mix of energy and chill for working.

Last week’s most clicked item:

Use Visual Cues To Enhance Learning

The L&D Conference: A New Take on the Conference Experience

What would you say to a six-week, paced, virtual learning experience with some of the most noted voices in our industry? No muss, no fuss. Just good content, both live and offline. Matthew Richter, Will Thalheimer and Ashley Sinclair are spinning up a newly unique experience. This is us “eating our own dog food”! Hope to see you there!

Crisis Tips for Learning Professionals

I’m sure you’ve seen loads of what how to handle our current crisis. Well you can skip all of those and just read Lori Niles-Hofman’s article. She totally hits the nail right on the head. Among other things, stop building courses, converting ILT to online and really rethink what the heck you’re doing!

The Learning Uncut Disruption Series

I know there are about a gazillion podcasts to choose from, but if you’re a learning pro you should go listen to Michelle Ocker’s “Disruption Series” on her Learning Uncut podcast. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better series of episodes with some of the best in the L&D field. I’ll bet you can’t just listen to one! They’re that good.

Interactive Periodic Table of Office 365

Right now, there are a lot of people fumbling their way through what digital tools they have available. For many of us that means deciphering the Office 365 ecosystem. This interactive periodic table is a great way to learn what particular apps are for and explore some related resources to learn more about each one.   
If you have any trouble with this link, go to and click into it.

38 Slide Design Tips from the Pros

Bryan Jones has assembled another all-star cast sharing their top tips for designing great slides. As Bryan says, “You are just moments away from expert-level slide design!”

A few other things just because I can. 

Tools & Resources 

Conferences & Learning Events 

NEW: The Learning & Development Conference June 22-July 21 This is new and different – check it out.

Interested in the things that didn’t make the cut here?
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