Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | September 25, 2020

Think about how you can be helpful in the most efficient way

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

It is getting to be my favorite time of year and we’ve been enjoying some beautifully cool days and getting outside as much as we can to counter being tied to our computers inside for school and work. I that hope wherever you are you’re also able to get out an do things you enjoy. Have a great weekend.

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What I’m Listening to: I stumbled across this playlist of “unexpected covers” that is really good. (I love covers!)

Last week’s most clicked item:
Why Do So Many People Want Us Back in the Office?

How to Handle the Handoff Conversation

Do your clients expect you to create training on demand? By changing how you talk to them, you can steer them away from an information dump and help them solve the real problem. Once they agree to do a needs analysis, you’re on your way to the best solution. Cathay Moore shares some ideas for things you could say — and not say.

The Pivot From ‘Learning’ To ‘Performance’

You should tune in to this conversation with Guy Wallace that explores his 40 years of experience, what’s getting in the way of this important pivot and what it’s going to take for the L&D profession to shift its orientation from ‘learning’ to ‘performance’. It is loaded with lots of gems including “Training Requests for New Hires Should be Expected but Training Requests for Problem-Solving Should be Suspected” and more.

How to Use PowerPoint Like Adobe

Whenever you look at comparisons between Adobe and PowerPoint, people will prefer Adobe, claiming it’s a more sophisticated design program. A common misconception is that PowerPoint’s simplicity translates into simple designs. Don’t let that simplicity fool you, PowerPoint can design with the same precision, detail, and finesse as Adobe. From working with vector graphics and print projects to creating videos, motion graphics, and more – you might be surprised at what PowerPoint can do.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Future of Learning

Helen Blunden debriefs her recent Microsoft Ignite Table Talk session. In short, she says that learning should and must be driven by the individual and supported by their manager who in turn, is also supported by a culture where learning is integrated into the work flow. Learning is not training. Learning is not a once-off event such as attending a workshop, doing a course or attending a conference. Helen also shares a lot of great resources you should connect with on this topic as well.

How to Design for Effective Learning

Matthew Pierce is one of the nicest people in training not to mention super smart and helpful too. So it is always a treat anytime I get to talk with him. Recently we connected to talk about designing learning that is effective and efficient. I invite you to peek in on our conversation – you can choose if you’d like to watch or just listen.

A few other things just because I can.


Here are three podcast episodes from this week that are worth a listen:

Tools & Resources

For more tools & resources like these check out my weekly Tech Tuesday Toolbox posts. You’ll find a great “app of the week” along with 25 new tools worth checking out every week.

  • Create Narrated Videos Quickly with Narakeet! — Narakeet is video presentation maker with voice over. Use it to convert PPT to video easily, add background music for videos with automated narrator voice online. Just type your voice over text into presenter notes, and upload it to Narakeet, and it will create your slideshow with voiceover.
  • Remove Background from Image —Remove Image Background: 100% automatically – in 5 seconds – without a single click – for free.
  • Curate, browse and share your favorite sites in one place. — Never forget a website again. Prism lets you save visual bookmarks of your favorite sites and browse, share and discover what you love online.
  • Keen | Expand your interests — Explore, curate and share everything you’re passionate about.
  • TalkBook — The easiest way to collect email addresses from your live audience and share resources for your presentations and workshops.

Conferences & Learning Events

Here are a couple of helpful resources if you’re looking for a L&D-related conference or webinar.

Where You Can Find Me

September 29 Mid-New Jersey Technology Showcase Keynote

November 10 – Nationwide’s “Modern Digital Learning”

November 20 Central Indiana ATD Virtual Learning Summit

Online master class for the VOV Network in Belgium with Bianca Baumann starting in November.

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