Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 3, 2021

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”


Happy Friday! We’re entering the last month of the year and my mind is thinking about holiday gifts and decorations. Our tree is up and will be decorated soon. I need to kick my shopping into high gear. If you live somewhere like Ohio that can get pretty cold, you might want one of these “wearable sleeping bags“. What is on your Christmas list? Is there anything you’d be excited to receive as a gift? (My wife says the best gifts are something you’d love but wouldn’t buy for yourself.)

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What I’m Listening to:  Spotify just served up my most liked music of 2021 in my Spotify Wrapped playlist.

Last week’s most clicked item:
Difficult Conversation Simulator


Top 100 Behavioral Design Books

It’s getting to be the time of the year for ‘best of” lists and this is a great one for expertly curated Behavioral Design books. This year’s list this includes several new titles based on nominations from Richard Thaler, Katy Milkman, Dan Ariely, Jonah Berger, Vanessa Bohns, and many other leaders of the field.


Behavior Design on Medium

Speaking of behavior design, you can find a bookmark worthy collection of “interesting thoughts at the intersection of technology, psychology, and business” over on Medium.


How to Design an Online Course with a 96% Completion Rate

Take a peek behind the scenes of Seth Godin’s AltMBA course with the director of the altMBA, Wes Kao. She shares some of the secrets of this crazy successful course.


Virtual Presentation Tips

These days just practically everyone is presenting virtually in one form or another. This is a rich collection of the most useful tips and tricks on the topic of virtual presentations from guests of the 356 Labs podcasts. I bet you’ll find some things that can benefit your online presentations – I did! 

Watch it on YouTube


Marketing Tools

You probably know my thoughts about things marketing has that L&D should steal. Btw has curated a list of 250 top marketing tools by selecting the top 3-8 tools in each category like Email Marketing, Live Chat, Affiliate Marketing, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Website Builders etc. Lots of them are worth stealing for your L&D efforts.




Tools & Tips

  • Scribe – Automatically generate step-by-step guides for any task.
  • Brandbird turns your screenshots into beautiful posts.
  • Createpull Illustration Builder lets you create custom illustrated characters in just a few clicks.
  • Flourish is a terrific tool for creating data visualizations even if you’ve never made a chart in your life. 
  • Speak Human generates human centric microcopy for you. 

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