Friday Find Finds — Return on Attention, RSS, Content Curation 101

Happy Friday! Well, we had a good run while it lasted. My son tested positive for COVID this week and we’re all looking over our shoulders to see if anyone else is going to be next. Fingers crossed. He’s doing fine and not at all minding spending a few days in his room along with his xBox.

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What I’m Listening to:  A random flashback reminded me of Toad the Wet Sprocket which resulted in today’s playlist. Anyone else remember them?


Last week’s most clicked item:
How Do Learning Styles Affect Learning?

Improving Return on Attention in the Idea Business

This is an interesting article from John Hagel with implications for us all. He says,.”If you’re in the idea business, you need to focus on the return on attention that you’re delivering to the people you are trying to reach. Rather than narrowly focusing on how much time people need to spend in accessing your ideas, expand your focus on how to help your audience achieve greater impact from your ideas through action and learning.”


Long Live RSS! 

If you’ve been around here very long, you may know that I’m a big fan of RSS. This post from Zapier shares some ways you can use RSS that you may not have thought of.


Content curation 101: Everything you need to know

According to Michael Bhaskar, author of Curation: The power of selection in a world of excess “curation is a far more powerful and deeply relevant idea than we give it credit for”. He also shares how curation became a crucial business strategy for the 21st century and says “Some of the most impactful content experiences – great books, movies, and documentaries – result from a painstaking curation process…Great creations rest on curation.”


Fonts Knowledge

The Google Fonts  team has teamed up with type experts to create a beautiful resource to learn about Typography. The library feat. 30 lessons over 3 modules; “Introducing Type”, “Choosing Type”, and “Using Type” – plus 100+ glossary definitions.


Feeling Frustrated When Learning? Good!

This article by Charlotte Grysolle talks about how the importance of making mistakes and the feelings of frustration that arise from that. In short, making mistakes primes your brain for learning.


  • Xtiles is a note taking app that is like what would happen if Notion and Miro had a baby. (I am loving this one! Here’s a small example.)
  • Iorad ​​lets you create and share tutorials “at lightspeed”.
  • The new PowerBI add-in  lets you show data in PowerPoint
  • Emberly’s visual organization of bookmarks, notes, and files let you master information overload and learn better.
  • Nuclino is an app to bring knowledge, docs, and projects together in one place.


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