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Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.

— Henry James

— Henry James

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What I’m Listening to:  I just got back from a great morning run as the sun was coming up along Lake Michigan listening to some of my favorite songs. (If you’re on Spotify, you can follow me here.)


Last week’s most clicked item:
How to Loop a Sequence of PowerPoint Animations

Working With PowerPoint & PDFs in Canva

I just learned this week that you can drag files into Canva and edit them there. In some limited testing so far, this works as good as any other method I’ve found. It keeps most things just like they are in the source file. I started with PDFs and then discovered that you can also do it with PowerPoint and Word files as well. My mind has been blown!


Maximize Your Learning Time with These Seven Habits

More good stuff from Scott Young as he shares his best tips for maximizing your learning. My favorite is always have at least three books with you. What is yours? How many of these are you already doing?


Learn in Public: The Fastest Way to Learn

You already know that you will never be done learning. But most people “learn in private”, and lurk. They consume content without creating any themselves. Instead try to “have a habit of creating learning exhaust”.


Why Tacit Knowledge is More Important Than Deliberate Practice

Tacit knowledge is knowledge that cannot be captured through words alone. Keep an eye out on the Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) branch of psychology, and watch for things that focus on tacit knowledge. They are — in this writer’s opinion — the most interesting, overlooked topic in expertise today.


Slow-Paced Learning: The Most Effective Way to Retain 90% of What You Learn

When you slow down, you give yourself enough time to make better connections for faster retrieval later. “..slowing down the pace, even for a few minutes a day, and giving yourself time, decreases the emotional tension and, consequently, improves the “performance”, whether for study or work,” writes Valentina Tobia

  • Freebies by People is a collection of freebies for designers and developers
  • tl;dv is a Zoom recorder that lets you record, timestamp, edit and share Zoom calls
  • Photosmash by Pixlr is a professional one-click photo studio right in your browser
  • Bookmarker for Notion lets you save your bookmarks, straight into your Notion workspace.
  • HowToo is a learning content creation tool (with a free option) worth knowing

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