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“There are nearly endless opportunities to improve each day and finding them largely boils down to being curious. People who are better in the end are usually curious in the beginning.”

James Clear

Happy Friday! Up here in the northern hemisphere we’re winding down the end of summer and getting ready for school to start back up. I’m busy working on the DevLearn workshops I mentioned last week and eternally grateful that I get to do them with such great people as Bianca Baumann and Mathias Vermeulen.

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What I’m Listening To: Today I’m listening to the low key instrumental of “Mellow Beats“. It is just right for the dog days of summer we are in.


Last week’s most clicked item:
Slides With Friends


20 Things to Remember About Forgetting

Learning designers want to increase remembering and prevent forgetting. Here’s what you should know about what causes us to forget from Connie Malamed.


How to Use Learning Pathways to Close Skills Gaps

The talent required to take an organization to the next level often already exists in-house, and learning pathways can be an effective tool for unlocking that untapped potential.


Facilitation Resources

Anamaria Dorgo has put together this downloadable resource of 35 methods, tools, and frameworks to help with your facilitation efforts.


The 4 Things You Need to Be An Expert

This video from Veritasium looks at which experts have real expertise.

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My Top Tools For Learning 2022

Time for another roundup of my top learning tools for Jane Hart’s annual survey. Be sure to submit yours by August 25th


  • Nerdbord is a platform for creating engaging, practise driven workshops and courses
  • Build a personal professional website with Hiya
  • Videomark is a tool for taking notes on Youtube
  • Tipstory is an easy to use online microlearning tool
  • Zencaster is “podcasting made easy”

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