Friday Finds — Video for Learning, Async Collaboration, Designing Hybrid Learning

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“For twenty years, my research has shown that the view you adopt of yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.”

Carol Dweck

Happy Friday! COVID has hit our household. We’re all doing ok – just tired and taking lots of naps. My son had it a few months ago, so hopefully his immunity is still strong and he’ll get to skip this round. It stinks for my daughter whose birthday was yesterday. But at least I still got to give her birthday hugs. Hope your week has been great and COVID-free! 

Thanks for reading. 

What I’m Listening to:  This Sunny Day playlist has me thinking about getting outside in the sun again soon! 

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Last week’s most clicked item:
10 Copywriting Tips Based On Persuasion Science

Creating Better Video For Learning

In this post, Patti Shanks shares what the evidence says about designing good instructional video.  It discusses the attributes of media and technologies for digital or blended instruction, selecting content and social interactions, and the strengths and challenges of video.


Syncing Fast and Slow: How To Streamline Async Collaboration

This is an interesting article that includes 4 ways async work can streamline collaboration. “When your default is fewer meetings and more deep work, you have the chance to experience a calmer, more productive workday.”


Experts just give more advice, not better

“Skillful performance and skillful teaching are not always the same thing, so we shouldn’t expect the best performers to necessarily be the best teachers as well,” says lead study author David Levari of Harvard Business School in a media release.


Designing Learning Programs for a Hybrid Workplace

Many leaders are anxious about developing talent in a hybrid work environment. But because virtual learning can be scaled relatively easily; delivered flexibly and in ways that accommodate other ongoing work; and spaced to allow opportunities for learning to be embedded into long-term memory, built upon, and practiced, well-designed virtual learning has been shown to be as effective as in-person learning — and often more so.



  • Drop Deck can help you make beautiful slides super fast
  • MyBoard is an easy-to-use platform for collaboratively creating and sharing links, notes, and more.
  • Have you heard that Canva now has whiteboards? Yep, check ‘em out
  • Shape is a collection of 36,600 fully customizable icons and illustrations
  • Ava Maker is a fun app for creating avatars


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