Friday Finds — Plain Language, AI Content Tools, Hook Points

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“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look
back and realize they were the big things.”
– Robert Brault

Happy Friday!  A heartfelt thanks to everyone who replied to my query into whether anyone reads this space. I see you all and be forewarned that there may be a dad joke somewhere on the horizon. (Sorry, Judith. I promise I won’t over do it.) 

Thanks for reading.

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Last Week’s Most Clicked:

Improving Multiple Choice Questioning

📰 News & Notes

It’s Not a Headline, It’s a Hook Point

The world is a busy place with millions of people and brands competing for attention on digital platforms. If you want to succeed and see results, you need to hook people in with your content and message.

Hook Points can be applied to any content you make and distribute, so start thinking about what your perfect Hook Point might be.

Simply Put: A guide for creating easy-to-understand materials

This guide from the CDC is intended to help design clear and understandable health materials. It provides steps (and checklists) with detailed information and tips for developing communication materials that are evidence-based, user-friendly and also applicable to other topics as well.

If this resonates, you may also be interested in a deeper dive available in the “Toolkit for Making Written Material Clear and Effective“.

32 Non-L&D Books for L&D Professionals

L&D is an integrative domain that draws on so many other subjects. Therefore, it’s essential that we educate ourselves on these subjects. 

Learnovators has compile a list of the disciplines that are of interest to those in our field, including marketing, behavioral economics and others along with some book suggestions under each discipline.

10 AI Content Tools Worth
Checking Out

While AI isn’t ready to replace us yet, some of these new tools can speed up and simplify your work. New tools are evolving fast and here are 10 good ones worth knowing. 

Imagine letting the Open AI Chatbot write your script, putting that into to generate the voice over and then dropping it into Descript with some b-roll video.  For the right topics, you can do that now and it only takes minutes instead of hours or even weeks. 

Plain Language Is For Everyone, Even Experts

A common objection about plain language is that it dumbs down content and insults intelligent readers. Some writers use an academic tone out of habit or try to impress readers with complex sentences and showy vocabulary. The idea that long sentences and big words make you sound smarter (or more professional) results in great sacrifices to readability and credibility.

Learn more about the advantages of clear, straightforward writing in this article from the Nielsen Norman Group.

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🎧 Podcasts

Why Curiosity in the Workplace Is Important

Stefaan Van Hooydonk has conducted research on the topic of curiosity at work. He believes that curious individuals need curious environments to thrive and that in times of economic turmoil, individuals and companies need to start embracing the power of intentional curiosity.

Listen now »

The link between learning transfer & assessment

This episode of the Learning While Working podcast with Keith Keating, explores the science of learning, some of the greatest challenges with learning transfer, why L&D experts should be viewed as trusted advisors, & more.

Listen now »

Humor’s Role in the 21st Century Workplace

Institutions as serious as Wharton, MIT, and the London Business School agree: it’s time to bring some laughter in the workplace.

Listen now »

🧰 Tech, Tools & Tips

600+ Designer Resources

The web’s biggest free collection of design resources. You’ll definitely want to bookmark this one.


A collaborative tool for professional designers. Client collaboration has never been so simple.


With Vectormaker, you can easily convert pixel-based images into colorful vector graphics.

Accessible Color Palettes

Take the mystery out of accessibility with a simple color palette generator by Venngage that does the heavy lifting for you.

🧳 Where’s Mike?

Great resources for gamification in eLearning

Did you know that engagement in employee training continues to be the #1 challenge for L&D professionals? One definite way to boost it is to integrate gamification into your training strategy. Here are some great resources that will give you a great deal of useful information on gamification and resources for implementing it in your projects:

eLearning Gamification: How to Apply It and Win the Game

Prefer to watch this content on gamification? We got you

Gamification vs. Game-Based Learning

4 Easy Gamification Tricks for PowerPoint and iSpring Suite

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