Friday Finds — Science of Attention, How New Ideas Arise & Yes, Training Works!

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Over time, the person who approaches life with an openness to being wrong and a willingness to learn outperforms the person who doesn’t.

Hey there, friends! It’s been a bit frigid around here this week (12F degrees). But it’s been full of energy and inspiration, in large part to a wonderful conversation I had with an EdD student.

As we talked, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the privilege of working in the L&D field. There’s something incredibly special about being able to use your knowledge and experience to help others grow and succeed, and I’m so happy to be a part of this community.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Why do we remember what we remember?

📰 News & Notes

Good news! The Science Says Training Works

Training Works, and Science Backs It Up! That’s the conclusion from Will Thalheimer’s latest article. The research shows that investment in training programs leads to better employee performance, increased productivity, and overall improved results for organizations.

Science also shows that incorporating research-backed learning practices, like retrieval practice and feedback, leads to even greater improvements in learning. So, go ahead and make a smart investment in training – the science says it’s worth it!

The Science of Attention Spans with Professor Gloria ark

Watch this informative talk by Professor Gloria Mark, author of a new book “Attention Span.” She tells us that it’s time to rethink our beliefs about attention ad productivity. With an average screen time of just 47 seconds before we’re off to the next thing, and 25 minutes to get back on track after an interruption, it’s no wonder we’re feeling overwhelmed. And here’s the kicker – we interrupt ourselves more often than anyone else does! Dive in to learn the truth about attention!

How New Ideas Arise

This is an article that explores the process of creating new ideas and innovation. It argues that new ideas are often the result of combining existing concepts in a novel way, and that this process is facilitated by exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences. The article also discusses the role of individuals, teams, and organizations in fostering creativity and generating new ideas.

PowerPoint SchmowerPoint: 3 Modern Presentation Tools You Should Know

Looking to raise the bar on your presentation game? I’m making the switch to a new tool that offers better collaboration, visually stunning designs, increased flexibility, and even viewer analytics. Check out these three top-notch presentation tools that stand out from the rest., Pitch, and Canva – but which one will I choose? Hop over now to learn more and find out.

New Tools, No Time:
Insider Secrets for Discovering the Best New Apps & Tools

People often ask me how I always seem to know about the latest and greatest tools before anyone else. Well, I’m about to spill the beans and share my “secret sources” for discovering the newest and most useful tools before anyone else. Get ready to upgrade your tool-finding game and become the envy of the office!

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🎧 Podcasts

Surprising Truths About
the Brain

Brace yourself for a brain-bending episode of The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, who illuminates the intricate relationship between emotions and the brain. Buckle up, because she drops a bombshell – the real purpose of our brain is not what you think!

Listen now »

What are learner

The Secret Society of Success podcast is diving into learner personas. They are kicking things off with Danielle Wallace, who spills the beans on what personas are all about and why they’re important for your L&D game plan.

Listen now »

Choiceology’s Guide to Nudges

Get ready to be nudged towards a better world with Choiceology’s latest episode hosted by the one and only Katy Milkman! She explores the many ways these gentle pushes have made a big impact, featuring insights from some of the biggest names in the nudge-game.

Listen now »

🧰 Tech, Tools & Tips

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Perplexity AI

This is an ‘answer engine’ that answers to complex questions using large language models.

ChatGPT for Search Engines

Browser addin that displays ChatGPT response alongside Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo Search results


Search without ads or privacy concerns with Neeva’s combination of the web and AI technology.

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