Corporate Learning Trends & Innovations Conference

Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations is an exciting opportunity for corporate leaders, directors, CLOs, trainers, and consultants to discuss the directions and innovations in corporate learning.

Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations is a free online conference, running from November 15-20, 2007.

Check out the conference wiki which is developing as we speak.

Free Burma

A little late…
Free Burma!

Grown ups need fun too!

WeirdGuy has a good post about learning and fun. Check out the “10 Benefits of the Fun Factor” section.

Sort of meshes wit Gagne’s Nine events?

Great Idea from Thiagi

Building the plane WHILE you’re flying it. This might be the ultimate example of Rapid Instructional design. What a great idea!

e-Learning handbook & graphics

I was just looking over the ELearning Guild’s “Handbook of e-Learning Strategy” and saw these nice e-Learning related graphics. I think these are nicely representations of the process  designed . Kudos to the designer of these.



Adobe Share

This looks like it could be very interesting. Another type of spin on the online file storage/sharing model. Adobe Share (beta) is a free service that let’s you send docs without attachments, access your docs online from anywhere, post links to your docs in wikis and blogs, embed a flash version of your docs in websites and control access to a specified list of people.

Powered by ScribeFire.

PodTech:Eclipse BIRT Exchange, collecting tacit knowledge for the user community

Our LMS vendor has suggested that this (BIRT) may be one possible solution for our reporting needs. Hmmm..not so sure what to make of that. Do you know anything about this?

[podtech content=]

Why WordPress?

Nice presentation about

…and this nice one about how to embed content

Super, quick & easy blog posting. Seems like blogging with training wheels sort of – but that is not always a bad thing. Mine is here

I can think of some good uses for this. For newbies, parents, etc. How about you?

Online Video Tool

I’ve been looking at several online video tools and it looks like I’m favoring for several reasons including:

  1. It’s not blocked from work 😎
  2. It allows comments and tags to be embedded as part of the video (Cool!)
  3. It can easily be embedded in other places (HTML/Wordpress)
  4. It can be commented on similar to blog posts.

Here is a sample video to checkout:

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