So I was looking for a really nice website that would tell you what browser you had along with a bunch of other details relevant to helping troubleshoot elearning courses. I’ve come up with a few but still can’t find the one I originally had which present the info in a much more polished format. I’m still searching for that one but in the meantime here are a few other options. ( If you have others you like, please leave a comment….I’ll find that dang site eventually!)

Update: I finally found what I was looking for This site allows people to email their browser info and looks like this. Looks like you can even pre-fill some of the fields. For example adding your email to the end of the url prefills the ‘send to address’ as in

Browser Hawk:

Is Java enabled?

What version of Java is installed?

Oracle Java Info:

Plateau content testing tool:

Adobe -Find version of Flash:

Browser settings: