The first 99 learning people to follow on Twitter

I think this article  “The First 99 People to Follow on Twitter” is  a great idea. We recently introduced some of our internal learning people to Twitter, so  I thought it would be a great idea to assemble a list of the first 99 learning professionals you should follow on Twitter.

DISCLAIMER:  99 isn’t very many and I greatly value all of the people I follow. So apologies in advance for the 1000+ people I follow who aren’t on this list These are in no particular order and the selection process was decidedly unscientific.

  1. elearningcoach Connie Malamed
  2. CatMoore Cathy Moore
  3. tomkuhlmann Tom Kuhlmann
  4. JaneBozarth Jane Bozarth
  5. pattishank Patti Shank
  6. cammybean Cammy Bean
  7. Articulate Jeannette Brooks
  8. elearning David Anderson
  9. LearnNuggets Kevin Thorn
  10. aaronesilvers Aaron Silvers
  11. moehlert Mark Oehlert
  12. hjarche Harold Jarche
  13. sumeet_moghe sumeet_moghe
  14. JudithELS J Christian-Carter
  15. finiteattention Chris Atherton
  16. bschlenker Brent Schlenker
  17. dpontefract Dan Pontefract
  18. kelly_smith01 Kelly Smith
  19. trinarimmer Trina Rimmer
  20. sparkandco Holly MacDonald
  21. TriciaRansom Tricia Ransom
  22. OpenSesameNow OpenSesame
  23. CraigTaylor74 Craig Taylor
  24. articulatebrian Brian Batt
  25. jenisecook Jenise Cook
  26. arossett Allison Rossett
  27. jmarrapodi Jean Marrapodi
  28. MikeCollins007 Mike Collins
  29. realwplearn RealWkplaceLearning
  30. jsuzcampos Jeannette Campos
  31. Quinnovator Clark Quinn
  32. C4LPT C4LPT
  33. EndersDesign Mike Enders
  34. hypergogue Simon Bostock
  35. roninchef Mason Masteka
  36. mpetersell Mike Petersell
  37. nickfloro Nick Floro
  38. oxala75 Craig Wiggins
  39. jclarey Janet Clarey
  40. spotlearning Joe Fournier
  41. kasey428 Kay Wood
  42. minutebio Jeff Goldman
  43. rjpanetti rjpanetti
  44. anicole87 Allison Michels
  45. denniscallahan Dennis Callahan
  46. LnDDave David Kelly
  47. TerrenceWing Terrence Wing
  48. jwillensky Jason Willensky
  49. jkunrein Judy Unrein
  50. row4it Kevin Bruny
  51. stipton Shannon Tipton
  52. dawnjmahoney Dawn Mahoney
  53. BdotW Brandon Williams
  54. megbertapelle Meg Bertapelle
  55. weisblatt Adam Weisblatt
  56. britz mark britz
  57. thinkingcloud David Becker
  58. jaycross jaycross
  59. stevier Stevie Rocco
  60. sifowler Simon Fowler
  61. Schnicker Nicole Fougere
  62. sahana2802 Sahana Chattopadhyay
  63. StephanieDaul StephanieDaul
  64. bearclau Claudine Caro
  65. nancyrubin nancyrubin
  66. usablelearning Julie Dirksen
  67. simbeckhampson Simbeck-Hampson
  68. kellygarber Kelly Garber
  69. eLearningGuild eLearning Guild
  70. busynessgirl busynessgirl
  71. Spydeesense S. Marcus Hswe
  72. edwsonoma Ellen Wagner
  73. ThomasStone Thomas Stone
  74. DonaldClark Donald Clark
  75. wwickha1 Wendy Wickham
  76. hybridkris Kris Rockwell
  77. LisaAGoldstein Lisa Goldstein
  78. billcush Bill Cushard
  79. cliveshepherd Clive Shepherd
  80. Dave_Ferguson Dave Ferguson
  81. KevinDJones Kevin D. Jones
  82. dwilkinsnh David Wilkins
  83. WillWorkLearn Will Thalheimer
  84. smartinx Stephen Martin
  85. ZaraLynnKing Zara King
  86. Tracy_Parish Tracy Parish
  87. judyb Judy Brown
  88. bjschone B.J. Schone
  89. marciamarcia Marcia Conner
  90. lisagualtieri Lisa Gualtieri
  91. onEnterFrame James Kingsley
  92. slhice Stephanie Harnett
  93. niallgavinuk Niall Gavin
  94. duncanmaciver Duncan MacIver
  95. belowit David Lindenberg
  96. _Kavi Kavi
  97. lau_casey Laura Casey
  98. cfidurauk Christie Fidura
  99. espnguyen Steve Nguyen
  100. klowey22 John Hovell
Tags to follow:   #lrnchat #articulate

Published by Mike Taylor

Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.

10 thoughts on “The first 99 learning people to follow on Twitter

  1. Great list, Mike! Thanks for including me – but more importantly – thanks for the additional info filters these kinds of lists provide. Great for newbies AND the more experienced.


  2. Mike- I am honored and flattered that I am on this list. More than a year later–i didn’t know!– I hope I have lived up to this and would be here again. Will do my best to continue to be a good “follow”. Note:I learned of this by an email from a friend. Today. 🙂


  3. HI Mike – honored to see myself included on your list. I’m behind the eight-ball here, but I still appreciate the mention and I hope that I can continue to earn my spot on your list. I love the twitter L&D community a truly giving and committed (or needs to be committed, fine line :-D) group of people!


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