12 Apps of Christmas-Day 4- Grammarly

Day 1 – Hemmingway App (Writing help)
Day 2 – PollEverywhere (PowerPoint audience participation add-in)
Day 3 – The Great Suspender (Chrome add-in)

Want to a little help being a better writer? (And who doesn’t?) Grab the Grammarly Chrome add-in that can help you find and correct “up to 10 times more mistakes than your word processor”

With the browser add-in you’ll have a handy writing assistant anywhere you go online including emails, web forms, Google Docs and more.



Grammarly is a quick and easy way to make a better impression with your writing. Pair it with the Hemmingway App and you’re off to the races!

Published by Mike Taylor

Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.

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