Day 1 – Hemmingway App (Writing help)
Day 2 – PollEverywhere (PowerPoint audience participation add-in)
Day 3 – The Great Suspender (Memory Manager – Chrome add-in)
Day 4 – Grammarly (Writing -Chrome add-in)

A lot of people use Gmail and a lot of people use Dropbox. This handy Chrome add-in marries the two nicely and saves a lot of time if you frequently share files via Dropbox. Dropbox for Gmail helps avoid a lot of searching, link wrangling (yes, that’s a real thing!) as well as a whole bunch of copying & pasting.

Grab this add-in and you’ll get a Dropbox icon at the bottom of your Gmail compose new message window. Just give that a click whenever you want to share a Dropbox file and choose your file or folder you’d like to share. That will put a shared link in the body of the email and BAM! You’re done! While this will look like an attachment, it’s in fact a shared link, meaning no slow-down in sending emails, and no space limitations in your inbox.


Note that it looks like an attachment, but it’s not. Which means it’s super quick and doesn’t eat up any space in your inbox.

Dropbox for Gmail