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As a kid growing up with the dream of being a major league baseball player, one of my favorite shows was  “This Week in Baseball“.  It was a fun, fast-paced recap of highlights from recent games, interviews with players, and other regular features. I can still hear Mel Allen’s iconic voice and vividly recall the amazing things Ozzie Smith seemed to do every game. It’s easy to see TWiB’s influence in today’s sports programming like SportsCenter and others.

So with Mel and Ozzie as my inspiration for finding and sharing the best things of the week. (and a huge technological helping hand that I’ll share in a future post) I’m relaunching my regular FridayFive recap of the best things I discovered during the week.

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Discover is a directory of over 200 top-notch newsletters that can help you stay plugged-in to the best sources for the topics you’re interested in. There is something for everyone whether you’re into design, tech, news and a whole lot more.



Skuawk is a curated set of public domain photos you can use for both personal and professional projects.

Take a peek at my big and growing list of free design assets for even more great sites for photos and other design resources.


10 typography tricks every designer should know


This CreativeBloq article shares some typography tips and tricks you can use to boost your design skills to impress friends and colleagues.

$0 Design Tools to Help You Create Your Next Project


21 of Product Hunt’s favorite free (or close to free) design resources. They are sure to make your next project visually stunning, whether you’re a design novice or a professional. 

Five Popular Myths


What you think you know about how learning works could be completely wrong. Counter to common myths, here’s what actually works for retaining new information and skills.

View at


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