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After last week’s holiday adventure to Canada, I’m back with another round up of the best things I’ve found this week.

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Simple Project Management


What I like about this article is how simple Jess Eddy’s approach is and how easy it is to replicate. Her example involves Dropbox but you could use Google Drive or a number of other options.  The idea is to organize relevant project documents in a simple, easy to use way.  And that is something everyone can get behind, right?

Simple Project Management Using Dropbox Paper by Jess Eddy

Weekly Graphic Design Tips & Tricks

When it comes to learning practical graphic design tips, John McWade is one of the best. And whether we realize it or not, we are all designers. Which is why you should follow John’s Graphic Design Tips & Tricks Weekly on


Graphic Design Tips & Tricks Weekly by John McWade

BONUS TIP:  If you don’t have a Lynda subscription, check with your local library. Often, they can help you can access all the great stuff on Lynda for free.

How to design words

Never create a wall of words

This article by John Saito is meant for writers but applies to all of us. After all, we all write, right? And everyone should avoid inflicting a “wall of words” on others. There are also a lot of application to people like me who design learning materials.

But when writers get wordy, my eyes get glossy. My brain gets bored.

John offers these 7 tips:

  1. Trim it down
  2. Add headings
  3. Make lists
  4. Give them a break
  5. Prioritize your words
  6. The slow reveal
  7. Write in mocks, not docs

Dive into the article to get all the helpful details.

Get Smart Font Pairings in One Click



When it comes to writing and design, choosing good fonts is essential. The seemingly endless number of options can make that job pretty challenging for most people. Font Joy makes it easy for anyone to find a great looking combination of fonts.

Smaller, Faster Training is Not Going to Move Us Forward


If you’re involved with training in any significant way, you’ve probably noticed the recent buzz around micro-learning.  Regardless of where you stand, you should read this take by Mark Britz on what he thinks and how facilitating conversation might be a better approach.

The Simple Shift by Mark Britz

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