Friday Finds | August 11, 2017

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Life long learning is becoming an economic imperative

This Economist article by Andrew Palmer outlines how today’s technological change demands stronger and more continuous connections between education and employment. I’d argue that this is not a new development but it is definitely accelerating. Considering the fact that we are tasked with educating our children for jobs which don’t even exist yet, how could this not be true?


Trianglify is a really slick, easy to use online tool for generating your own custom “trianglified” background images. Use their colors or your own, either way you’ll get a great looking result.

Random Material Pallette Generator

Any good design rests on the foundation of a great color pallette. Get a jump on a great looking color scheme with the Random Material Pallette Generator. Just a couple of quick clicks and you’re off!

Explainer Videos

This post by Alexander Salas tells us that if you know PowerPoint, you can quickly learn how to make explainer videos. He also tells you why you should be using these tools and shares a list of options for getting started.

Explainer Video Apps for Learning Professionals

Tools, Lifelong Learning, & The Mike Taylor Method of Social Media Curation

This week I had the honor of hanging out with Brent Schlenker, Cara North and the rest of the TLDC crew. I was a lot of fun and we had a great discussion on learning tools, social media, curation and more. Check out the recording for the context or jump over and check out all the great stuff we covered.

Don’t wait a whole week to see all the good stuff I’m finding.
Subscribe to my daily newsletter. 

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