Advanced Eyedropper Tip + 29 More Expert PowerPoint Hacks

Most people who work in PowerPoint regularly, probably know how to use the Eyedropper tool. The Eyedropper too works really well for precisely matching colors from a shape or picture in your presentation to other parts of your deck for a consistent design.

But what do you do if you want to match a color that is not in your presentation? Maybe from a website or an external document, etc. You could turn to a third-party color picker. Which is what I used to do until very recently.


Until this post from Geetesh Baja came across my newsfeed and I learned that you don’t need any additional software and you CAN pick colors from anywhere using the PowerPoint Eyedropper.

Here is the simple tip for extending the color picking ability of Eyedropper tool beyond just what is in PowerPoint and match colors from elsewhere on your screen:

After clicking Eyedropper, click and hold the mouse button as you drag your mouse to the color you want to match. The eyedropper tool disappears when you move outside the PowerPoint window, but the color will still preview and be matched.

So simple, right!? Knowledge is power. And speaking of knowledge and power, Bryan Jones has assembled a great package of knowledge power with his latest project; Tips, Tricks & Hacks from 29 Experts

Another trick not mentioned that is both fast and effective is starting with a great source of slide designs like these PowerPoint templates. When you’re not recreating the wheel by building slides from scratch you’ll save time, energy and get better results.

Watch the video and hit the link for details on your favorite PowerPoint tips.

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4 thoughts on “Advanced Eyedropper Tip + 29 More Expert PowerPoint Hacks

  1. No way! I didn’t know about that eyedropper tip. I always thought I could only be within the PPT window. I was doing a 2 step process. 1- taking a screenshot and inserting it into the PPT 2- color picking from the inserted image. Another great tip. And thanks for contribution on the expert roundup post and the link. There’s always something new and cool to learn. 🙂


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