Friday Finds | August 18, 2017

School is back in session here and we’re celebrating our amazing daughter’s birthday. There is a lot to be thankful for including some of these things that surfaced on my radar this week. Cheers!

Does eLearning Work? What the Scientific Research Says!

What does the scientific research tell us about elearning effectiveness, particularly as it compares with classroom instruction? Mirjam Neelen & Janet Benson recap Will Thalheimer’s recent research on this.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s NOT the eLearning that improves learning effectiveness, it’s the LEARNING METHODS that are typically used in eLearning that impact eLearning’s benefits.

Will Thalheimer: Does eLearning Work? What the Scientific Research Says!

Google Is Giving Away Its Best Tools for Managers Absolutely Free

Google has spent years studying the attributes of effective managers for its Project Oxygen and found that , technical expertise is less important than more mundane attributes like consistency, delegation, and basic human decency.

Fortunately, Google has applied the insights they gained to develop a collection of freely available training and support documents to help newer managers learn the tricks of the trade, elicit great feedback, mentor colleagues, and run effective one-on-ones. Among the resources you’ll find are:

Stockio: Free

Yet another addtion to the seemingly constant stream of great, free design resources. Stockio gives you access to thousands of free photos, vectors,icons, fonts and videos for personal and commercial use

Why Training Fails: 11 Truths That Most Good Leaders Don’t Even Know

If you’re involved with training programs, you should give this list some consideration. Thinking about these elements and how they fit together help you get the most out of your training efforts.

Advanced Eyedropper Tip + 29 More Expert PowerPoint Hacks

Bryan Jones pulled together tips from 29 expert PowerPoint pros and I added one more to make it a nice round number. Check out these 30 tips to level up your slide building game. Watch the video and don’t forget to grab the ebook too!

Learning from Marketing Summit


Next week, I’m speaking as part of the Elearning Guild’s Learning from Marketing Summit. There are a lot of steal worthy tools and concepts you should be stealing from your marketing friends and applying to your learning and development efforts. Join me on Wednesday for ” A Few Things L&D Should Steal from Marketing” and I’ll also be part of the panel discussion wrapping things up on Thursday.

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Have a fantastic weekend!

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