Friday Finds | October 6, 2017

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Jane Hart’s 11th Annual Top Learning Tools

Jane Hart (@c4lpt) has been polling learning pros about their top learning for 11 years. This week she published this year’s edition and as always, it is definitely worth a look.

I’ve contributed to all 11 of Jane’s surveys and recently shared a few observations on my decade+ of learning tools usage.

Latest Annoying PowerPoint Survey Results

While we’re talking surveys, Dave Paradi just published his results about the most annoying things people do with PowerPoint. Not surprisingly, the top offenders are too much text and information overload.

How To Avoid Creating Annoying PowerPoints

Nobody wants to be the one creating bad slides that annoy everyone right? After all, PowerPoint isn’t the problem, it’s the people creating these monstrosities who are at fault. Fortunately, these are super easy fixes and here are a few tips that will help you stay off the annoying presenters list:

And if you still have any aversion towards PowerPoint here are two alternatives that are worth checking out.

Slide Magic

Jan Schultink (@janschultink) has created an online presentation app that includes a library of his favorite slide templates that makes it almost impossible to create annoying slides. Check out a non-annoying example here.

Beautiful Slides is a new online tool helps you with the rules of great design so you can build visually appealing slides quickly. Take a peek at this beautiful example.

Learning While Working Podast

Earlier this week I had a chance to talk with Robin Petterd of Sprout Labs about some of the marketing tools and concepts and how they can be used for learning. It is a short, fun (at least for me!) and relevant chat made all the better by Robin’s Australian accent. Who can resist an Australian accent?! Be sure to check out some of the other episodes and subscribe in your favorite podcast player.

A 5 Minute Guide to Better Typography

A really nice, practical guide to typography with loads of helpful before and after examples.

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