Friday Finds | October 20, 2017

Data Viz Project

What do you do when you’ve got a big pile of data and need a way to display it? If you didn’t have an immediate response to that question, you’ll be glad to know about the Data Viz Project. The Data Viz project is a collection of over 150 data visualizations to help you find the right format for displaying your data and give a little inspiration along the way.

Think of it as a “Wikipedia For Data Visualizations”

Dropbox Showcase


We can all use a good way to showcase our work. And a lot of us are already using Dropbox, which makes their new Showcase feature something you should know about. You’ll see this option if you’re on a paid version of Dropbox. This is a nice option for presenting your work on a single, professional looking page. Seems like this could also be great for using as a professional portfolio too.

Learning Scientists

Mark your calendar for the next #LrnSciChat that is going down on Monday, 23 Oct @ 4pm (Easter time / 9pm London time). Head on over to Twitter and follow them now! Dr Yana Weinstein – @doctorwhy, Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel @pimpmymemory and the Learning Scientists account at @acethattest. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Learning Scientist blog!

Will Design Thinking Replace Instructional Design? No. Here’s Why…

Charbel Semaan @charbeljs explores the question of whether or not design thinking will replace instructional design.

Design thinking won’t replace instructional design in the same way design thinking would never replace something like graphic design. You do graphic design within the design thinking methodology.

View at

Presentation and Slide Design Resources

Virtually everyone needs to build slides at some point. If you want to make the ones you build better, you should definitely tap into this big curated collection that I’ve assembled over on Zeef. From learning resources and tutorials to slide templates and graphic design resources you’ll find anything you need. The best part is you can follow the page and get notified when new items are added or even suggest your own things you think should be part of the collection.

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