Friday Finds | January 19, 2018

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Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance. -Nathan Rutstein

I’m excited to be in San Jose next week for ATD’s TechKnowledge Conference. Spend face-to-face time with super smart, like-minded people is always ultra energizing for me. Plus, I always come away with new thoughts and ideas to try out back home. Will you be in San Jose next week? Let me know — I’d love to see you there.

What about you? Do you have a conference strategy? How often do you try to go? How do you choose? If you’re considering which conference you’ll go to next, this Conference Calendar I’m putting together might be helpful.

Learn better not faster: Why we are still struggling to become learning organizations

This post by Sofia Quentero (@Sofiaqt) really hits the nail on the head for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had conversations with people that went basically just like this cartoon image above. In short, you are too busy NOT to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to learn new things.

A learning organization is less concerned about what it learns and more concerned about making sure everybody can acquire and transfer knowledge as much as possible and as easily as possible.

5 Things to Do When the Solution Shouldn’t Have Been Training

Have you ever been part of a training project where you knew from the beginning you were fighting an uphill battle? We’ve all been there at some point and this post by Edmond Manning on the Allen Interactions (@customelearning) blog shares some tips for the next time it happens.

If you’ve been in this industry more than eight weeks, you’ve probably been involved in a solution which possibly, maybe, (very, very probably) shouldn’t have been training.

Big Collection of PowerPoint Slides for Your Swipe File

Smart designers don’t wait until they have a deadline to start collecting ideas. If you don’t have one yet, now is a great time to start a #SwipeFile with these free slides from SlideModel (@SlideModel) And even better, they’ll send you a new free one every week if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Collaboration is the Human Platform for Digital Transformation

Every digital transformation project needs to build a platform for the critical capability for success in digital – human learning and change.

Simon Terry (@simongterry) highlights that connecting people is what truly makes a difference when trying to do digital transformation…or virtually anything else for that matter! He specifically calls out these four things that make any platform work:

  1. They connect people
  2. They offer easy ways to reduce costs and the complexity of action (reduce “friction”)
  3. They provide transparency and increase trust
  4. They provide ongoing value -digital-transformation/

Keyboard Shortcut for Full-Screen Mode in PowerPoint


I’m reviving a previous ‘tip of the week’ project. Watch for apps and tips to help you work better coming your way every Tuesday.

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